2. Andy The Frog

Andy The Frog

I got lot of time and perfect skill for sitting in my swamp
My skin is green, my balls are turning red
But when i saw that flying lady my defense is down
And who would stop me now to be her pet

No money for the honey
No sweet love on my mind
Just ooze and sickly bubbles are around
But if i understand that she's not one of a kind
I'll take her guts out put’em underground

Nothing’s goin on in my swamp
Noone knows who really turns me on
Someone's there in the light
Anyone for the lonely night
But i just can't get that fly right off my mouth

And when i catch you with my tongue
You'll never get away
Don't ever try to put me down
Don’t try to spoil my day

And when I catch you,
when I catch you, when I catch you, yeah
Don't ever try, don't ever try,
Don't try to get away