12. Night Falls Down

Runnin around to the edge of the town
Where nothin can be found
I know i'll always love you
My cemetery ground

Running back with my soul attack
Got no taste for good old Jack
Now i'll take my Syziph stone
Fitting on a track
Running down, i'm a lonely one
I'm like a clown without a crown
My heart is sore and lonely
My fate has put me down

Not for boast, but I'm a friendly ghost
And my nightmare is the most
I made a bet with Devil
And that's my final toast

And now the demons on my side, they'll never set me free
I gotta pay for all my sins, so put a spell on me
And when the night falls down
I'll take a walk to my old grave
Too much love is not enough
And my grave remains the same

And when the night falls down
It gonna shine a light on me
Take a ray from yesterday
But my deadsoul never free