10. Eyez Of Liez

Eyez Of Liez




I'm gonna tell a fairy tale, about the girl who was so pale


That she could take a ride on the moonlight


She liked the darkness and the fog,


She didn't like to chat and talk


And in the place where she lived was the graveyard




And it was long long long time ago


But the wind blew it down with the snow


And when she walked from the grave,


She's got noone to save,


She's got tears in her eyes


And her eyes full of lies


They're full of lies




I'm gonna tell it all again, this story burns inside my veins,


The crows are screaming to me to continue


That night tat sailor came alive,


They were prayin' for last time


But all the roads were leading to graveyard



3 It was another windy night, when demons started their fight


But all those scenes were already written


The lights went down, the town was black


Noone was waiting for attack


And there it came right after the midnight